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Amoxicillin – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

The present world has been nothing but a ball of dust fleeting past us as we busy ourselves with everyday schedules and on time duties. The pollution level is now competing with our stress levels trying their best to go further ahead thereby destroying earth a little bit more with each passing day. amidst this keeping oneself healthy is really not a probable cause anymore as we have all once at least in our life been sick of a common flu or something probably more serious. The pollution level has done nothing but reduce our body’s defense system, a little each day and thus from the wake of this the first ever living microorganisms the bacteria has now churned into something that would continue making us sick for as long as we know.

Now to combat such atrocities by the bacteria we have created quite a few heavy guarded antibiotics and amoxicillin is one of them. Known as a penicillin antibiotic this drug is known for treating all or any sort of bacteria causing disease much like sore infections in the ear, nose, throat and even skin. these are the base levels and then the bacteria worked up to classic flu  like bronchitis or pneumonia or even gonorrhea. The way amox works is quite simple. It prevents further growth of bacteria and possibly eliminates the ones already plaguing us therefore taking swift actions to curb the disease at the very base before it proliferates into something uncontrollable.

Amoxicillin is useful and beneficial only when treating bacterial issues and common viral flu and cold does not have a effect on this. Even though this helps us a lot to get rid of certain minor or major bacterial diseases, often people believe in using this drug for sport which is absolutely a wrong move since addiction to such stronger drugs might deteriorate your body in ways unimaginable.



Every drug has a pro and con attached to it and this one is no exception. Here too there is a list of benefits and their adversary effects. However, when in need for a cure to treat your bacterial disorder, it is always amoxicillin that we think of. Amoxicillin uses its benefits to prevent bacterial growth and thereby here we present to you a list of all the times amoxicillin as a prescription drug can help you.

Given below is the list of all the possible places or diseases that amoxicillin helps us recover.

  • Ear Infection: We start with the ear infection since this is one of the most common problems both in adults and kids. Ear infection bacterial in nature causes the infection to grow ever so slowly until it reaches a fatal milestone. Amoxicillin here prevents the growth of such bacteria.
  • Sore Throat: Sore throat is next in the line as it is yet another common problem. Sore throat can either be a viral cold effect or simply the bacterial infection which is once again when amox is used to treat the bacteria possibly reversing the effect thereby relieving you of a stinging painful swallowing experience.
  • Skin Disease: Skin, the largest organ in the body is definitely different and varies from one person to another. This is why skin may or may not be a common problem. Often bacterial infections cause fungus or irritation or even allergy rashes to occur on your skin which may swell and go red. This is when you can once again use amox to treat the bacteria.
  • Heart Problems: This is slightly different in the genre where amoxicillin according to many can also cure certain minor heart problems such as breathing difficulty or valve disease. However, there are counter reactions to it so consult your doctor before opting for this if you are a heart patient.
  • Bleeding Gums: Periodontal problems come next where bacterial infections such as gingivitis can cause gum swelling and bleeding in them. Once again we use this drug to get rid of the bacterial accumulation in the gums. The same can be said for any bacterial infection inside the mouth much like those small white ulcers that we keep getting.
  • Stomach Ulcers: A recent study showed that benefits of amoxicillin can also be used in the ulcerous area where they are believed to be curing stomach or intestinal ulcers too which too can be a bacterial growth cause.
  • Gonorrhea Cure: Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease where the bacteria finds the perfect place to inhibit. Once again we have to take help from this drug to relieve ourselves of this bacterial cause.
  • UTI Cure: UTI is the same bacterial issue but this time it is the urinary tract that harbors the pain. the infection in the tract makes passing of urine difficult. Once again this drug prevents the bacteria growth and reverses the damage.
  • Tonsil Problems: Amoxicillin also takes care of tonsils. Tonsils owing to the bacteria often swell up making swallowing or even talking hard. This is when the benefits from this drug allows you to keep the bacteria in check.


Amoxicillin is found in both tablet and liquid form. Based on your age and medical requirement, the doctor will prescribe to you the dose and the way to intake. Usually you are prescribed tablets or liquids which you preferably take orally. At other times these liquids can be put into syringes to inject them to your system. one thing to keep as a reminder for all times is that, it is of paramount importance that you stick to the given medicinal dose and unless the doctor approves never go beyond the dose prescribed.

Usually it is the doctor who determines whether you should take the medicine with food or without food. However, it is usually advisable that you keep an hour’s gap at the least in between your meals and the medicine. Also, make sure you take the medicine the same time each day and if your dose requires multiple intakes, space them at regular intervals with ample time in between for them to work properly.

If it’s a suspended liquid that you are prescribed shake the bottle well before use and always measure your doses using a measuring spoon or a cup. In case of a table, never chew or break it down, simply gulp it down using water. However, there are chewable tablets that should be chewed before swallowing.


Your doctor will be the judge of your dosage based on the medical requirement and of course your age and your body’s compatibility taken into account. Usually you can either avail in a tabular form which you consume with water or you get the suspended solution that you measure and intake, both orally.

If we look into the tabular forms, amoxicillin 500mg is the basic dose for every tablet. These coated tablets usually range from 500 to amoxicillin 875mg. start with a base dose if you are a starter and then move up to the 875mg dose but only on doctor’s approval.

Next comes the capsulated versions which too much like the tablet is needed to be taken orally. Each capsule of amoxicillin ranges from 250mg to 500 mg. once again for children or elderly people, the base level is good for starters and they can work their way up to 500. For adults the 500mg can be a daily dose.

The suspended form usually is of a much lower unit. The suspension starts from 200mg and can move a slight step up to amoxicillin 250 mg. this is a good amoxicillin dosage for children. This is a basic dose for the children or the start ups and later you can increase the dose to even 400mg on doctor’s prescription.

Even though dose increase to the slightest doesn’t always mean immediate result, one should keep in mind that overdosing or taking the dose units in your own hand without doctor’s supervision is strictly denied and must be refrained from.


If you are consuming allergy medicines, you should always disclose the medicine type and unit to the doctor. Allergy medicines highly react with these prescription drugs and causes counter effects. Secondly, it is really important that you also disclose to your doctor any antibiotic medicine treatment that you have been on in the history.

If you are scheduled for a surgery any time soon this week, also take precautions before hand to let the doctor or the surgeon know about your prescription so that they know beforehand.

Amoxicillin dose usually should be avoided by pregnant ladies too. Amoxicillin is a strong drug and usually is known to pass onto the breast milk of the to be mother thereby indirectly affecting the new born that suckles on it.

One of the most common precautions and the most important one would be the strict warning of never to use this drug for sport or to misuse the benefits and overdose on it as it might prove fatal.


Amoxicillin contains inactive ingredients and therefore will be more prone to react to other medicines. Usually almost all the allergy medicines react to this drug and therefore should either be changed or taken under doctor’s permission. antibiotics such as rifabutin too reacts with this drug.

Also if you have had any past history of bacterial infections that has been treated to a different or possibly the same medicinal drug, there is a slight chance the other bacterial medicine might react to it. also, anti bacterial shots or injections taken in the recent years should also be taken into account.


Side effects are common in every drug as mentioned above. Every drug comes with a list of pros and cons and much like the benefits we also have a list for all the times there has been reported side effects to using this drug. Some of these side effects are surely common and minor in nature and therefore need not be a concern. However, sometimes these side effects might have a loud opinion to share which is when one should strictly refer to the doctor for assistance.


Abdominal Pain: abdominal pain is not so common during the course of the medicine and if you experience this you should revert back to the doctor immediately. Abdominal pain may be your body’s way of telling you how incompatible your body is with the medicine or it might just be a side effect to your intestinal ulcers if you have any.

  • Vaginal Yeast Infection: throughout the course of this medication you might notice some changes in your system. Amongst this vaginal discharge can be a dominant part of your side effect. You might notice
  • Feeling of Nausea: nausea is something of a normal factor in regards to the medicine as the dosage does its best to fight all forms of issues in your body. Though the feeling is not very pleasant to deal with at times it normally passes after a couple of minutes so there isn’t anything to worry about.
  • Gum and nose Bleed: gum and nose bleeding is quite a common part of taking medication and is normally the indicator that you are taking a little more than the normal amount of dosage that you need to take. Consult a physician to help regulate your medication so as to better suit the needs of your body and stop the bleeding.
  • Wheezing and Breathing Trouble: breathing trouble is something that not many people face and completely depends upon whether you suffer from breathing issues as well. If suffering from wheezing or breathing issues especially during the night then try and reduce the dosage or look for alternatives as the issue will continue as long as you are taking the drug.
  • Clayey Stools or Blood in Urine: many people suffer with an issue of blood in their urine or clayey stool because of either liver weakness or extreme stress to the bowels. This side effect normally occurs due to over dosage or incompatibility with the drug. Prior to popular belief there are a number of drugs which are body is not compatible with and this list differs from person to person and that is why skilled physicians are always ready with alternatives which provide the same results without the aforesaid side effects.
  • Heart Palpitations and Dizziness: compromising the immune system and breathing issues may be caused by Amoxicillin side effects of a list of medication so always take the help of skilled professionals before indulging yourself in any medication

Seasonal flu and bacterial infections in the present day world go hand in hand ever since the world started churning out more and more pollution each day with very less time for the people inhibiting it to take care of themselves. However, unlike the olden day this time we can fight these bacterial invasions the right way using prescription drugs like amoxicillin.