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Amitriptyline – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Depression is an issue not many understand the gravity of. Minor periods of sadness or heavy heartedness is often conceptualized or misinterpreted as signs of depression. Minor family issues, clashes in the work field or even losing of the loved ones can of course be hard on a person’s life however, this cannot be deemed as depression as depression is something much heavier than just feeling morose in a secluded dark room. Depression is a constant mental pressure, a sinking feeling of lowness as the person suffering must at one point either overcome this mental stature or simply perish alongside it. it so often happens that these depression states can only be overcome using pharmaceutical and psychological help from a professional source and this is why here in this article we shall talk about one such prescription drug that would help you elevate your depression whilst tackling other minor or major mental issues.

With depression it is eminent that some sort of mental or nerves disorder may occur. This can either be too minor to come upon realization or simply too major to not be treated along side. These can be termed as paranoia or anxiety attacks that breaks down the entire nervous system making you jittery and unstable. Amitriptyline is a prescription drug that helps you tackle these very issues including other minor or major nervous or mental instability problems. Falling under the category of tricyclic antidepressants, amitriptyline drug not only helps you balance yourself but also makes amends to make your life much smoother by regulating your tension, sleep and even eating disorders. Basically with a healthy mind, your body will simply function flawlessly without any obstruction or hindrance.

However, even though this drug is highly classified to help you morph into a healthy human being, often drug abuse remains one of the main concerns while prescribing a drug so strong to others.



Amitriptyline, a prescription antidepressant can be quite helpful during stressed situations. The benefits incurred from this drug is effective in case of mental breakdowns or nervous disorders where the drug actually acts towards stabilizing the vital body functioning and controlling the hormones thereby bringing harmony to the body functions. Amitriptyline uses its benefits to alter the chemical composition in the brain affecting it directly so that the mental stature of the person can be changed which is why here is a list of all the times this drug can be of assistance to you.

  • Depression Relief: The first and foremost job of amitriptyline is to control the depressive state of mind by altering the chemicals or hormones in the brain which is why it is essential that a patient in depression should immediately be treated with this drug. The drug would calm you down and bring you out of your depressive shell. However, this drug should not be misused for fun and should always be taken under doctor’s prescription.
  • Energy Enhancer: This drug is also known to suppress fatigue or tiredness thereby making you well fit and active. The tampering with the chemical bonding within your system would often show up in styles of behavioral change, active and energetic being one of them. This drug would actually make you vibrant and full of life but only till the prescribed dose is followed.
  • Sleep or Eating Disorder Cure: Often mental pressures such as depression may lead to certain problems regarding your lifestyle. The pressure being too much takes a different road to vent out and you may see yourself being submissive to sleep or hunger problems. Eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia might be common while insomnia during depression is a must. This drug not only cures your depression but also stabilizes the surrounding problems such as eating disorder or sleep deprivation.
  • Anxiety and Panic attack Relief: Along with depression your mental stature or your emotional quotient is affected a lot too and this is why it is of paramount importance once again that subsidiary nerve disorders arriving alongside should be curbed immediately. Two of the most common are anxiety attacks or panic attacks both dangerous in their loudest form where the nerves become jittery as you find yourself in ramshackle trying to cope up.
  • Migraine Pain: Migraine pains occur due to sensory nerve problems where a rushing surge of pain sweeps over your forehead and related areas accompanied by light flashes, dizziness and much more. Migraine too can be traced back to nerve problems which once again can be cured by this drug.
  • Nervous Pain: Often there are certain nerve pain situations much like postherpatic neuralgia which too can be tackled using the benefits of this drug.
  • Stabilize Mood Swings: now during depression, mood swings or repeated changing of moods can be a common phenomenon. This is much based on your mental state and how you perceive your lifestyle. These mood swings usually can be minor in range but if ignored it might even move onto suicidal thoughts thereby making the need for a cure rather necessary.


Store in prescription drug at normal room temperature and strictly follow the doctor’s guidance about the dosage or the limitations towards the drug. Based on your medical condition the doctor may prescribe this medicine from once to maximum four times a day. take this medicine by mouth.

One thing you should know about this medication is that it takes time to show the signs of improvement. You cannot expect immediate response unless you are already a long time user of this particular drug. It may take up to four weeks for the vital improvement signs to show up. However, it is necessary that you continue the dosage without skips for a steady recovery. Also space your dosages with ample gaps as prescribed by the doctor to eliminate possibilities of overdose. If you miss a dose either take it while there’s still time or simply avoid that dose if it’s too close to the next dosage interval.

Amitriptyline hydrochloride uses its potential to reduce depression and thoughts thereby reducing possibilities of suicidal thoughts or nervous problems like anxiety or panic. For smaller doses it is alright to increase the consumption time but if you are prescribed a higher dose, it is best if you consume it before bed time to avoid unnecessary drowsiness.


Based on your age, demographics, physical and mental stature, the doctor will prescribe to you the dosage that is necessary for your recovery. Based on your medical condition, the doses usually may vary from 10mg to even 150 mg per day if needed. Usually the doses prescribed by the doctors are to be orally consumed.

Often amitriptyline 10mg is an initial dose and can be prescribed for thrice a day consumption with intervals between each dosage. Usually 10mg is a very low dose and can often be advised to intake more than once. For 20mg dosage unit you can easily consume it once before the bed. This is for the intial stages of depression and on doctor’s approval it can be increased to amitriptyline 25mg.

For a larger dose in adults amitriptyline 50mg can be prescribed which can even go up to 75mg.  Of course these units should be carefully divided into smaller doses throughout the day and consumed more than twice in segments as prescribed by the doctor. For patients who are already in the dosage they can work their way up to even 100mg daily dose for a day. However, it is required that you ask the breakdown of this dose instead of consuming it all to avoid overdosing possibilities.

Never stop a dose suddenly as it can have counter effects on you. If you are currently pursuing a higher dose make sure you start by reducing the dose on doctor’s approval ever so little each day until the end.


The basic rule of every drug is applicable here where past histories of medicinal assistance should be disclosed to the doctor before he prescribed it. often these drugs react mentally or physically with allergy medicines and once again accounts of all allergic medicines should be provided to the doctor.

If you are going in for a surgery sometime later this week, it’s best that you consult your doctor and keep the medication on hold for the time being or at least let the surgeon know that you use this prescribed drug.
The same can be said for pregnant ladies or someone who’s looking into the pregnancy matter. Do not use this medication whilst or even before your pregnancy period as it affects the child’s birth in many ways. Let the doctor know before you stop this medication though.

If you have glaucoma or any bleeding problem or even such liver or heart problems, disclose the problem and the medication for its recovery to the doctor as the medicine for these disorders can cause fatal if interacted with amitriptyline.


MAO inhibiters react very seriously with this medication and thus it is important that you levy out these once you start with the medication.
Also, allergy medicines of any kind should strictly be avoided if you don’t want the medication to react with your allergy medicines. The same can be said for blood thinners like warfarin or even the use of ibuprofen which limits the benefits of this medication and may react with it. also, if you are a past or current victim of alcohol and drug abuse, refrain from that immediately as alcohol does not react at all with the medicine therefore making it null and void.

Medicines for cardiac stability or renal and liver doses should also be disclosed to the doctor prior to intake of the amitriptyline dosage.


like any other medication even the amitriptyline has itsfair share of side effects that we should keep an eye out for. Here these side effects for some might be negligible and therefore nothing to worry about. However, if experienced in a larger scale, these side effects can be fatal to your system and therefore should immediately be reported to the doctor. Listed below are some of the main side effects that one might face during or throughout the usage of this product.

  • Forgetfulness and Confusion: Since this medication directly affects the brain and its chemical bonding, it is quite natural that you might experience forgetfulness or mild confusion. It is also quite common for you to experience numbness in your brain. The amitriptyline alters the hormonal and chemical bonding in the brain. However, extreme forgetfulness is not a good sign and should be reported to the doctor.
  • Lethargy: During an anxiety or panic attack it is easy for a person to experience hyper activity or hyper sensitivity where the person feels restless and unsure. The drug actually works to tone down the activity that is anxiety or panic thereby trying to restore the harmony. In between this somewhere you might experience lethargy or tiredness which might even lead to day time sleeping problems if in the extremes.
  • Trouble in Relieving Oneself: Once on the prescription keep an eye out for your bathroom troubles. It so happens that the stools might become clayey and dark in color with difficult in passing urine. It may or may not sting but there will be problems in passing urine. Also constipation or diarrhea either one of them may persist.
  • Skin Issues: Skin issues will be the first form of visible sign where the early signs will be in the form of itching but too loud a side effect may result in change in skin color or complexion along with redness and swelling of certain parts. This too is a type of allergic reaction and the doctor should immediately be informed. Blurriness in vision along with eye pain or muscular pains may also persist.
  • Change in Behavior: To relief depression, amitriptyline actually makes amends with the chemical composition of the brain thereby regulating some hormones that would cause emotional instability. This gives rise in lessening of the depressed state of mind while some other behavioral changes might also happen alongside. This may be in the form of drowsiness or over excitement. Usually these changes are minor and showing signs of improvement but over doing the emotions too may be a wrong effect.
  • Weight Gain: While the other drugs are forcing you to shed some pounds, this time amitriptyline side effects would have you add on some pounds to your body.
  • Dizziness: Dizziness might be experienced in the initial stages of this drug use. this is simply your body’s way of accumulating the antibodies in your system and creating a barrier force for this new antibody. However, after repeated usage if the same still persists with drowsiness or fainting habits and nausea, you should consult the doctor.

Many people do not know the gravity of the issue depression until he himself has faced the demons. The mental stability of the mind gets destroyed as the best parts of your life are sheltered inside one dark room with refusals to social interactions and happiness. This is when drugs like amitriptyline swoops in to save the day.