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Alprazolam – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

It is indeed difficult for the present day to keep up with the health factor especially owing to the always busy schedule that we are forced into. Be it a mother or a wife, a son or a father- work never stops for anyone and the current pollution scenario in every other state has not helped at all in bringing up our health quotient. However, amongst the many newly acquired disorders or diseases we have our piece of solace owing to the manifold increase of new medicines that have come up in the commercial front recently helping us deal with a wide array of disorders one such being the spotlight of our article today called alprazolam.

Alprazolam is a prescription drug that can be classified under the benzodiazepines category of drugs that mainly treat the nervous system and disorders regarding the central nerves. Yet another treatment spot for alprax is the brain. Usually this prescription medicine alprazolam is used extensively to treat disorders regarding the nerves such as anxiety attacks or panic attacks and even the usual depressed state of mind which can definitely have a toll on mental and psychological factors. During anxiety or panic attacks your nerves feel jittery while your overwhelming emotions become hard to control. Now it is at times like this when an aplrax tablet can sense the tremble in the system immediately working on it to stabilize the nerves thereby bringing back stability in your system. Anxiety or panic enflames the nerves which is when this drug cools calms and soothes the nerves while enhancing the effect of certain natural hormones which would help you keep your vital body functions stabilizied.

Even though strictly prescribed, there is also an ugly side to this medicine where some may misuse the benefits of this for sport or fun, which when an addictive behavior towards this drug may prove fatal for the future.



Alprazolam usually is a prescribed drug for the nervous system that tones down the hormones thereby cooling the system and reversing the panic effects or the ones for anxiety. Building up to that point here is a list of benefits alprax provides for you. before moving on to the list, here is a word of caution. Always resort to intake of this medicine only on doctor’s approval and never mistreat the goodness for sport that would fatally affect you in the future.

  • Sleep Deprivation Cure: anxiety or panic patients often would have a hard time resting owing to their hyperactive or hypersensitivity which is when this medication can help you ease your body or relax it therefore allowing your body to rest. However, people with insomnia problems should consult the doctor before treating themselves to this prescribed drug.
    Anxiety cure: anxiety attack can be defined as a type of nervous issue where anxiety, which we may or may not feel in a smaller dose usually usurps their system thereby sending them into a mental state which can even end up in hallucinations. Aplrazolam uses its benefits to soothe or calm your nerves thereby reducing periodical anxiety.
  • Depression Relief: alprax is also known to cure depression. Often depression on a bigger level can even lead to nerve problems, slow and steadily bringing your mental defense barrier down, causing deterioration. However, depression just a bit on a smaller level need not be treated with a powerful drug.
  • Panic Attack Stopper: same in the case of panic attacks as in the case of anxiety, panic attacks too have a toll on your nervous system thereby creating a situation most likely unpleasant. Panic attacks not only make you jittery but also makes your nerves tender which is once again when the benefits of this drug can take over your system cooling the nerves and probably relaxing the unrest in you.
  • Keeps you Calm: any sort of nerve problem, be it lately acquired or born with requires your system to be hyper active and always functioning which is when the system might overdose on certain hormones. It is now the job of alprazolam to work on the over production of the hormones thereby stabilizing the system and in return calming you down.
  • Nerve Brain Coordination: this drug in its refined form can also improve or increase nerve and brain coordination. Once again this is in abnormal situations when one of the vital organ is misbehaving. It can be the mere case of hypersensitivity or the usual anxiety or panic situations. Lack of concentration or focus too is enhanced but for simple or minor purposes it is necessary that you refrain from consuming such a powerful drug.
  • Nervous Disorders: other than the ones already mentioned, there are also many known or unknown type of nervous disorders that affect your system which is when a drug this enhanced and appropriate might come handy. Once again approval from the doctor should be a strict endeavor.


The first and foremost request about purchasing this drug is that it should always be thoroughly prescribed by the doctor. The usual guidelines for any other medication applies here with just a little twist at the end which one should be aware of.

Spacing out your medicine doses should be of paramount importance as you do not want to club one dose with the other which instantly increases the chance of overdosing instead of extra effect. To avoid alprazolam overdose, if you have missed your dose either revert back to it within time or leave it be if it’s edging too close to the next dose timings. Also, the dose is strictly to be taken in from the mouth unless a professional helper uses a syringe to shoot it right into your veins.

Also, start with a initial dose which is what your doctor will prescribe to you. you can on the doctor’s advise slowly work your way up to a higher dose if need be. Now for patients with a longer history with this drug, they might feel a reverse effect much like a seizure which may occur if you suddenly stop the intake of this medicine. Reduce the dose ever so slowly until the last instead of stopping it all at once.


Based on the dosage prescribed alprazolam can be consumed up to three times a day. you can avail in the form of orally disintegrating tablets or measured dose liquids which can either be orally taken or injected into your system depending strictly on what the doctor prescribed.

Alprazolam 0.5mg tablets are at the base level after which you can move upto alprazolam 0.25mg. for an adult, these dosage measurement for thrice a day can be quite common and depending on the requirement one can increase it too if need be. This stands the same for both anxiety and panic disorder patients who are mostly treated with this powerful drug.
Remember the ones mentioned above are immediate release tablets and for the extended release ones anything from 0.5 to even alprazolam 1mg is suggested but this should be only once a day. doctors usually keep a constant review of the welfare of the patient and on lack of success to improve, these doses might be increased after every four to five day. this is mainly applicable for panic disorder patients. A study conducted showed how alprazolam can actually mend depressive states. A unit of upto 3mg can be consumed orally for depression purposes but make sure these doses are well divided with ample space within each dose.

Since alprazolam belongs under benzodiazepines, a dose more than 2mg a day for an elderly person may be an issue of concern. This is mainly because of the enhanced sensitivity factor that does not work well for the elderly body.


Benzodiazepines have other medicines under its category and if you are allergic to any one of them it is necessary that you disclose this to your doctor. Also previous or existing cases of allergy or allergy inhibiting drugs that affects you should be well versed with the doctor before he prescribes this drug to you. if you are prone to alcohol abuse one should refrain from alcohol intake while in the dose period of this medicine. Also, many a times cases have been noticed where medicines as such cause an addiction which should strictly be avoided. If you follow the prescribed dosage, there is literally nothing to worry about but once you start abusing this drug for sport it can prove lethal to you in the long run.

Also proper dosage and their gap spans should also be followed strictly. If you are pregnant it is advised that you keep away from these drugs since it can affect child birth possibly resulting in defect in the new born.


Alprazolam may or may not react with existing medicines or drugs that you already have in your system. many a times it is not the drug but simply the lifestyle that affects the way this drug is originally meant to be used.

If you are a heart or a liver patient and is currently on a dose to keep them stable, the doctor should be aware of it. the same is said for allergy medicines no matter how minute they are since even a small interaction might prove fatal.

Some medicines that strictly react to this drug is Nizoral or antibiotics like Mycobutin and Ketek. Birth control pills too should be avoided. Drugs to treat HIV or antidepressants too react with this drug and should strictly be disclosed to the doctor.


Even though this is ever so helpful during stressed situations, it is really important that you as a consumer be aware of the various effects it might have on you. some of them may be minor in nature and can be avoided whilst others, the repetitive ones should be reported straight to the doctor, immediately. Some of the common side effects to alprazolam are listed below:

  • Mood Swings: as powerful a drug it is, whilst controlling your nervous system, it is quite often that this drug regulates some of the emtion producing hormones thereby making you quite familiar to mood swings. It is not the healthy ones that we are worries about but the ones that can send you into deep states of depression which might even provoke suicidal thoughts. Be a judge of this and revert back to your respective doctor.
  • Dizziness and Nausea: dizziness and drowsiness is yet another integral part of the side effect where the dizziness or the feeling of light headedness may follow with intense nausea and even vomiting if in stressed situations.
  • Change in Skin Color: yellowing of skin and even the white part of your pupil is a clear sign of side effect which should not be ignored once occurring. Apart from this certain other skin issues may occur which is your body’s way of telling you your compatibility rate with this medicine. The others may be in the form of rashes or intense itching which may even lead to redness and swelling at the worst cases.
  • Too Calm for Good: here is quite a ironical situation where alprax side effects might actually calm your nerves down a bit too much which is also bad for your body. At this time you might experience chills or loss of appetite and even to the point where you lose interest quite often on the things you used to be excited about. This too can be blamed on the hormonal effects.
  • Speech Problem: amongst a serious side effect speech problems might be quite a nasty one. Being forgetful is definitely one of the  alprazolam side effects but shaky speech or changes in the usual rhythm might be a serious concern.
  • Seizure: often when your body gets used to a daily dose of this drug, sudden stopping of this drug might really affect you with a bad side effect, this time seizure being the front runner. Never stop the drug suddenly but keep lessening the dosage with passing time until the last.
    Fatigue: a rush of tiredness might sweep over you at this time as the drug tries to calm or relax you. if the tiredness persists for long hours and repeatedly appears, the doctor should make some changes in your dose intake.
  • Body Pain: starting from the stiff muscles to the soft abdomen, a certain pain might be experienced. This also comes with stiffening or joints with numbness, tingling sensations and even behavorial changes.

People often succumb to a darker place when attacked by the nerves that are supposed to keep them sane. Nervous disorders in the olden days would have been a tough situation to deal with but with the present modernization especially in the medical field, we now have a secure way to a healthy mind.