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Albendazole – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

The world is a constantly changing mechanism that adds to a person’s everyday issues with each passing day therefore making it grounds of build up for new kinds of issues that were earlier not even known to man. A recent study conducted actually showed how issues that were earlier not eve recognized are now ravaging the bodies of unfortunate people who are fighting tooth and nail with the concept so as to be cure of the issue. With such a hustle and bustle around we hardly get enough time to actually take care of ourselves and this is when through problems that range on various levels can be found recluse from by using the right amount of medication that has been provided with the disease. In today’s article we shall talk about one such drug that brings to notice this issue and helps you deal with it. This drug is called Albendazole.

The internet is one of the best organizations where you may find what you need in regards to information when it comes to the drug Albendazole. Though your physician can give you all the necessary information if you wanted to go beyond that and know everything about the drug so that you are safe then there is no better place than the internet to look for what you need.


Albendazole is a well known drug that has been marketed to help treat issues related to worm infestations in the body. It is very useful for pinworm disease as well as it has components that allow the drug to move deep into your body cleansing it of all kinds of parasitic worms.


The human body is actually a host to a number of living things that live in symbiotic manner feeding off the body throughout your life sometimes. Some of these manifestations in the human body are absolutely harmless but some can be very harmful if left unchecked and can even be deadly diseases when left to grow. To break the whole thing down into a nutshell Albendazole moves to kill any infectious and deadly worm manifestation you’re body as well as dealing with issues that may arise due to these manifestations so that you may lead a healthy active life. This drug works by causing a degenerative reaction in the cells of the worms causing them to get sick and die over time. It works as an extermination method for all dangerous worms in the human body.

  • Depression: Worm manifestations actually cause a very bad depressive state to occur in certain people who is very bad to the body as bad psychological levels is the breeding ground for any worm manifestations making it very necessary to take a regulated amount of this drug.
  • Anxiety: At times diseases caused by worm manifestation in your body may cause anxiety and heart palpitations due to have an external living organism in your body that has an adverse effect on both your physical and mental state. Therefore taking a regulated amount of Albendazole is required to deal with this issue on an adequate level.
  • Panic: It is quite natural to panic in situations when facing issues that may have occurred by worm build up in your body and Albendazole does well to give you all the cushioning you need to feel comfortable as it starts work immediately curbing the growth of any dangerous worm disease and killing the host worms in the best manner possible.
  • OCD and such Nerve related Problems: Obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD is yet another nerve related problem and like this there are many others that might cripple a patient mentally. Thus, once again we refer to this drug for assistance.
  • Pain Relief: Vermicidal issues in your body may cause excessive pain in the effected areas over time due to growth which this drug can be used for to help reduce. As a periodic dosage of this drug kills all the affect you in regards to worm infestations that is why it helps to reduce a lot of the pain over time as well.


It is usually your doctor’s duty to disclose to you the full furnished facts about this medication while prescribing it to you. Based on your age and weight and also your medical requirement your doctor will jot down the dose unit apt for you along with the consumptions techniques and the time intervals for each dose mentioned. If you are purchasing it directly from the pharmacist always make sure you asked him the details about the intake style and time gap.

This medication can be taken both by mouth and by injection for varied results. It is your doctor’s duty to guide you in the right direction in this regard because only after going through your medical history will the right means of action be taken for your best interest. It is always better to be safe than sorry they say so gather all the necessary information you need before taking this drug so that at the end of the day you know exactly how much to take and when to take it. An adequate periodic table must be created so that you can follow it to the letter without wavering as wavering may cause additional side effects that you would not want to deal with.


The  Albendazole dosage unit for your drug will be mentioned to you by your doctor based on a few evaluations like your age, weight or the laboratory tests if any and of course after carefully judging the extent of your medical attention requirement. It is always for the best if one stays within the prescribed dosage and only increases the dosage on the doctor’s saying to avoid over dose or addiction risks.

Normally the amount of medication intake for you on a daily basis is evaluated on your weight when it comes to this Albendazole tablets therefore for people below 60 Kg it must be 15mg/kg/day which is very necessary for you to keep to if you want to maintain the results necessary. This must be divided into twice a day doses with meals and must not exceed the maximum limit of 800 mg per day. For people above the weight of 60 Kg take a regulated dosage of Albendazole 400 mg twice a day regularly with meals. You must maintain a 28 day cycle after which you must keep a 14 day drug free cycle. This must be carried on for 3 successful cycles before taking further advice from your allotted physician. The usual adult dose therapy lasts for 18-30 days depending on the buildup of worms in your body so be ready for the long haul if necessary.

It is very necessary that you stick to these dosages for Albendazole in pregnancy for the best results. Though these dosage methods are absolutely to the point it is very necessary that you ask you physician for advice as well on the matter because the truth is that no two people are the same making it quite difficult to assume a similar dosage for people throughout the world.


When prescribed a Albendazole dose for children, if you are taking a pill never break or dice or chew and bite down on the pill unless it is a chewable version of the medication,  Raw inactive ingredients which are clubbed together once you break the medicine therefore causing over dosing chances to increase manifold. Always use a full glass of water and gulp it down easy. For oral suspensions just shake the container well before using.

Also, if you are in the habit of using this medicine for a probable long period, never stop the medication suddenly as it may cause withdrawal symptoms. Once your system feels the lack of the drug in your body, it starts counter reactions like convulsions and fits and thus always eases down on the dosage unit and slow and steady reduce the dosage until the last.

Another word of caution is that you must always stay away from this medication if you are elaborately pregnant but recent study has shown that this medication can be used during pregnancy as well making it quite easy for you to use it when pregnant.


Medicines of all types are well known to have adverse side effects with your body when clubbed together with other types of medication or even if you are allergic to the medication at hand therefore it is always necessary for you to provide a fully furnished history of your medication to your doctor so as to avoid any unforeseen circumstances that may lead to side effects that you would not want to deal with.

Usually Albendazole tablet uses reacts with all kinds of antiepileptic which include phenytoin, Topomax and carbamazepine, which originally have the job of acting as seizure fighting drugs. It is almost very necessary for you to discontinue one kind of drug when taking the other when it comes to taking Albendazole so stay careful and consult your doctor for valid information that will help you along the way.


Every drug has its own means of side effects that you must always look out for when you are taking Albendazole. Normally no two people are the same so one person may suffer with different side effects than the other making it very necessary for you to stay well informed on the drug before using it. Side effects may occur physically or psychologically so it very important for you to stay aware as well at all times before it becomes too late.

  • Hallucinations: Hallucinations is one of the most dire Albendazole side effects of this drug and may be caused due to over dosage so it is very necessary for you to take a controlled amount of this drug at all times if you want to stay safe. It can have a very strong effect on the body when used so stay head strong and use the regulated amount only.
  • Seizures: Seizures when using this drug only occur when you club together two kinds of medication like Albendazole and Phenytoin which is an anti epileptic. When doing this you are giving your body two interactive drugs that cause seizures if you continue to use them without knowing making it very necessary for you to be aware and well informed at all times.
  • Fever: Fever is actually one of the common side effects of this drug and actually is a benefit which means that the drug is working but if the fever persists then visit your doctor immediately.
  • Headache: Another common side effect of using Albendazole is headaches due to the pressure that the drug can put on your physical and mental state. The only way to can help cure this issue is by maintaining the regulated level of intake.
  • Temporary Hair Loss: Albendazole may cause temporary hair loss from time to time when it is working to eradicate all worm caused disease in your body because it is a very strong drug that has side effects that are equally strong. This normally occurs though if you over dose so to stop temporary hair loss you can re evaluate the amount of medication you are taking for the best results.

Worms can manifest themselves in your body and grow at an alarming rate leaving disease and destruction behind which left unchecked can be quite detrimental bringing in the use of Albendazole which is a parasite killer and works quite efficiently to help cleanse your body of any unwanted worm buildup that is causing disease of various natures. As long as you stick to the amount certified to your body you are absolutely safe.