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Adderall – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

People with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperacivity Disorder would often be suggested this chemical drug called Adderall which can define itself as a prescription medicine for treatment of ADHD or narcolepsy amongst both children and adults. With the passing time the new number of diseases has proliferated too giving way to such strange disorders that can cripple a human both mentally and emotionally. However, the ever experimenting mankind too has done their progress into bringing to us a new range of medicines to tackle these newly acquired disorders, Adderall being one such.

Adderall is mainly concocted out of two main drugs that are primarily stimulants in nature. These two are amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. ADHD would usually have a person experience constant restlessness making them hyperactive. Adderall used for treating this usually calms the person down allowing him or her to focus on concentrating by expanding their attention span. It is believed that this drug restores some of the vital nutrients in our brain thereby bringing about change in the way a person behaves or conducts. To go more into that deep, Adderall belongs to a group of pharmaceutical drugs that are classified as central nervous system stimulus. For example, in a case of narcolepsy, Adderall keeps the patients system active and stimulated so that sudden snippets of narcoleptic symptoms can be controlled using the benefits of the drug. For ADHD patients, Adderall drug soothes their hyperactivity and restlessness by increasing their ability to stay focused or concentrated.

Adderall drug

However, Adderall as a drug might be a sort of addiction for people who have violent drug abuse histories. The drug Adderall is known to inhibit addiction within you, if taken from something other than treating the disorder. Hence, adderall is strictly advised to be within the prescription boundary and should strictly be kept away from children of drug abuse patients.


Adderall as a prescription drug is more helpful to the patients who constantly suffer from nervous problems where the drug uses it benefits to simply count3eract the nervous disorder thereby creating harmony within the patient’s system. Adderall generic name is amphetamine/ dextroamphetamine and some of the adderall benefits can be listed as:

  • ADHD:  ADHD, a chronic disorder is often the favorite treatment which the drug Adderall usually treats. In this disease or disorder, the patients affected often shows signs of hyperactivity or restlessness leading to lack of attention or concentration. In such a situation, Attention Deficiency/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD patients go through a process where the drug senses their hyperactivity and control is along with increasing focus or concentration time.
  • Narcolepsy: Narcolepsy is yet another disorder that can be treated using Adderall. Narcolepsy is a disorder where a person cannot control his obsessive desire to sleep during the day leading to sudden sleeping in an uncontrollable manner. Narcolepsy and hallucinations can also be closely related and this is once again where Adderall provides relief thereby controlling certain spurs of sleeping in uncommon situations.
    Now apart from the treatment of the ones already mentioned above here is a part by part breakdown of the benefits that Adderall can offer you.
  • Focus Span: as discussed already even in the case of ADHD, the drug Adderall indeed induces concentration in yourself and therefore can be prescribed to any patients who has faced problems with attention Spans or Concentration Levels. Usually these patients find it difficult to lock their attention in a single direction and therefore cannot retain in their brain anything they have not focused on. However, this concentration lack is on a higher level and should never be implemented just for minor issues. This should strictly be used on prescription.
  • Neuroenhancing: here’s another great use of adderall as a drug. It strictly helps you enhance your nervous system functioning thereby letting your nerves be active and ready. A neuro enhancer therefore is quite helpful during situations when your nervous system stops being active as it shocks the system back to place.
  • Dealing with Anxiety or Nervousness:  it is quite common for a person to resort to certain moods such as anxiety during one situation and maybe nervousness during the other. As much as human nature, these sudden outburst of moods can be controlled within your grasp using Adderall that senses the hyperactivity of the nervous system due to stress during nervousness and fear during anxiety and therby calms, soothes and relaxes the nerves letting you ease.
  • Blood Sugar: usually someone treated with Adderall have always been seen having low blood pressure which causes us to think that adderall as a prescription medicine can actually be taken in for treating high blood sugar cases.
  • Increased Metabolism: Adderall contains amphetamines which is know to regulate and control metabolism in your body. However, simply to increase metabolism, Adderall as a choice of solution will definitely be a non advisable step. Even though user friendly, Adderall has nasty side effects too and therefore should only be resort to on prescription.


Drugs always react with other medications and even with your nervous system if it’s too strong a dose for you and once again therefore before starting the how to use section, one should by now clearly know how Adderall should only be taken as a prescribed medicine and not for fun.
Usually the doctor would prescribe you the  dosages and the consumption type but in case you’ve missed it, here is a review.

Adderall uses should be restricted to the prescribed dosage and should be taken at the least twice a day. often adderall is taken in the first thing in the morning followed by meal  and each intake should be spaced in between four to six hours apart depending on the dosage type.

Adderall can be purchased in a tablet form and also in the form of capsules if we consider Adderall XR. However, at no point should you break the medicine into half or chew it before swallowing. Use it as a whole and wash it down with water.

Even though strict routine should be followed, if you ever miss a dosage by chance, you can always tally the time between the next dosage but never space the two intervals too close to each other. Adderall overdosing is a nasty scene.


Every dosage of Adderall should be well spaced, giving a span of around four to six hours in between each dose. Usually the Adderall effects take some time to kick in but once it does it might last up to 10 hours depending on the dosage type as prescribed by the doctor.

Usually 3 to 5 year old infants are advised against the intake of Adderall and for the children just starting their infancy or above, 10mg Adderall can be prescribed to them. This is a daily dosage unit on a general note and can vary or differentiate from what your doctor prescribed. Depending on the need and the demographics, the dosage is determined but once they hit the 15 to 17 age mark, this dosage can be increased to adderall 20mg. once again this increase should only be doctor’s recommended. Each effect of 20mg adderall usually lasts up to 4 to 6 hours. When we say 20mg Adderall we usually mean 20mg of mixed amphetamine mixed salts.

Adderall 30mg can be found enclosed and capsulated and is approved under the CSA act as a Schedule 2 controlled substance. As obvious, the 30mg adderall has 30 mg of mixed amphetamine salts.

Adderall starting dose for children can be limited to 10mg which is pretty basic and a good unit to start a shallow reaction amongst the kids rather than a heavy one. Later on need or age, the dosage can be increased. For adults 20-30mg of Adderall is pretty much an initial unit dose.


Adderall contains inactive ingredients and might often induce of encourage allergic tendencies which is strictly why we always advise patients to be free with their doctors regarding any past history of allergic reactions.

Adderall dosage at all point and time should be spaced equally and sufficiently. Based on the dosage type, Adderall effects on a general level usually lasts for four to six hours and therefore each medicine intake should be spaced as mentioned. Adderall causes mood swings and therefore should be ignored in case of heart or cardiac problems as it might causes changes in the nervous system. The same can be said for blood pressure and sugar patients since adderall lessens blood sugar.


Always keep in mind that Adderall often reacts with certain other medicines which is definitely not a suitable situation for you. if you have a case of allergy history and you are consuming a medicine to keep it in chains, Adderall is not the right drug for you. also stomach disorder medicines such as Pepcid or antacid should also be avoided on consumption of adderall. Often medicines to stabilize your nervous system or to keep them out of pain’s way should also be strictly avoided when taking Adderall into consideration. Also, consuming MAO inhibiters side by side to this medicine might be a really wrong move as it can cause fatal effects.


Adderall much like any other drug do come with pros and cons. While the pros help you deal with some of the best neuro disorders, the list of Adderall side effects should always be kept into consideration whilst consumption to avoid fatal effects. Some of the most common side effects owing to Adderall can be listed as:

  • Respiratory Problems:  respiratory problems may occur in the form of bad chest pains with the feeling of heaviness as you feel cluttered and might also face breathing problems. The feeling of heavy chest can lead to shortage of breath and therefore heart patients are strictly kept away from it.
  • Skin Problem: even though not quite dominant, Adderall may contain certain skin problems even though minor in nature such as itchiness or change in the tone or complexion of the skin. along with this skin might become quite sensitive and might therefore easily react with things such as cosmetics.
  • Muscle Spasms: Addrall in larger doses can cause muscle stiffness and sporiadic spasms or twitches in your muscles which also is a form of neuromascular disorder.
  • Weight loss and no Appetite: two things that you would definitely lose during adderall consumption is the want to eat which is appetite loss, the next being weight loss. If occurring at an alarming rate, doctor consultancy is a must.
  • Blood Pressure Rise: Now Adderall is known for goofing with your blood sugar levels which is why people with high blood pressure should abstain from intaking adderall. Adderall causes the pressure in your blood to spike.
  • Blood Sugar Fall: Adderall might spike up blood pressure but it surely drops the level of blood sugar in your system and is always known to affect your body’s glucose levels. This is why people with low blood pressure shouldn’t be prescribed adderall.
  • Nausea and Dizziness: the feeling of dizziness for the beginners might often be a common side effect and shouldn’t be a concern unless occurring at an alarming rate. Apart from this the overwhelming feeling of nausea sometimes followed by vomiting itself might be a concern since your body is either overdosing on the drug or simply is newly acquainted with a stronger dose.
  • Depression: Adderall drug is also known to promote psychological changes such as causing intervals of depression which is still treatable if caught at the early stages. Along with depression, adderall can also promote suicidal tendencies which is why anyone with a violent self harming history should keep away from this drug.
  • Hallucinations: because Adderall affects your nerves and nervous system it is quite usual for adderall to create hallucinations in your brain. Once again this might be recognized as a form of psychological obstacle.
  • Addiction: now we come to the worst part of Adderall being a drug. Even though availability is mostly restricted to strict prescription, adderall for some might become a sport since this is addictive in nature. Overdosing on it might even cause your life and hence, addiction from adderall should never be encouraged by the doctors and closed ones.

Suffering from ADHD is definitely no child’s play but thanks to the modern day chemical advancements, the world has come up with more advanced and secure medicinal drugs that can help you get along with the inner disorders without having to hassle much for it.