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Diamox (Acetazolamide) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Many people are requiring new and improved drugs on a daily basis to treat new illnesses that are rising with the rise in population. Due to this there are many drugs that have actually come out in the market that are worth the money that pharmaceutical companies sell them for because they not only live up to their name but with the right amount of regulated intake you can achieve the health of your dreams. One such drug is Diamox which very properly helps to treat altitude sickness to a great extent. It has many applications in reducing everything related to altitude sickness as well therefore it helps to fight against headaches, dizziness, vomiting and much more. It has many applications in everyday life and is also known to treat vertigo which is another more elaborate form of altitude sickness that a person may face on a regular basis.

The internet is a great place to search for the complete information in regards to Diamox because there are many informational websites that provide very accurate information in regards to providing the best environment for you to take Diamox safely. Always do your research and completely understand the pros and cons before taking this drug for the best results and it is always better if you keep your doctor in the loop in regards to your medical history at all times so as to avoid any interaction with other drugs or to completely understand how compatible your body is with the use of this drug and to fully understand the extent of the side effects of this drug. Keep in mind that even when using this drug without any prior permission that you must have a general idea of what are the pros and cons of this drug and what is the regulated amount you can take for your body for the best results.



Every single drug that is available in the market for medical use has its advantages that are world renowned. The same goes for Acetazolamide uses which is a must keep drug when you are going on an expedition maybe up into the mountains where the height and shortage of oxygen may cause altitude sickness. Altitude sickness can occur in any high location at any time therefore it is always better to keep yourself ready for any situation with this drug by your side. This great medical application has many benefits when it comes to treating issues pertaining to the side effects of altitude sickness as well such as headaches and dizziness thus allowing you to put this drug to good use for other issues as well. Given below is a detailed account on some of the more integral benefits of Diamox tablets:

  • Altitude sickness: as you know by now this drug helps to cure altitude sickness almost instantly and gives you that energy to carry out any possible job of work when in a high location such as trekking and so on. With altitude sickness out of the way you will be able to tackle more important issues.
  • Dizziness: this problem is a by product of altitude sickness and may cause vomiting which can be easily cured with Diamox. Not only will you stop feeling dizzy but your squeamish feelings will also subside quite fast.
  • Headaches: another by product of altitude sickness this issue can be easily sorted out with the help of this drug but even when the altitude sickness goes away you will feel the traces of headaches over a period of time but it will slowly subside after a short period of time.4


The only person who can give you the best advice on exactly how best to use this drug is your doctor because not only do they have an entire history of your past medication but they know what suits you giving you the leeway of peace when using this drug but your doctor is not available all the time to help you when you are maybe out of cell reach or you just cannot contact them in any way and that is why it is very necessary for you to have a complete and consolidated general idea of how best to use this drug and when to use it and how much to use for the best results. One of the more general concepts of using this drug properly is never dice or breaks the capsule when taking it orally.

This not only reduces the content of the medication but it also may react badly with your body in many various ways. Secondly you must always take this medication in a controlled limit that is regulated as per your body capacity rather than just taking a random amount when facing an issue because at the end of the day your body can only take a certain amount which is why it is very necessary to stick to a regulated amount so as to avoid any side effects that may be caused due to this medication when taken in an uncontrolled manner.

Thirdly and lastly try not to take this drug when you are pregnant as it may have adverse effects on your baby. There are many other drugs that are available in the market that are baby friendly and help to treat altitude sickness but on a much lower scale than Diamox.


One of the most important things that you must know when it comes to acetazolamide dosage is that you must always administer this medication 24 hours to 48 hours before ascent in case of high altitude sickness and maintain an amount of 800 to 1000 mg daily for this regard and for maximum results. try not to break away from taking any less of an amount or any more of an amount because at this point you might face a lot of issues which may be in regards to elevated altitude sickness if you take a dosage less in amount or an side effects that may be caused due to interactions with other drugs or an overdose of the drug when taking a dosage higher than the limited amount. It is always better to keep your doctor in the loop before taking this medication and the best part is you can do this before making the ascent because you are supposed to take this drug at least 24 hours to 48 hours in advance.

Not many people know this but one of the more elaborate everyday applications of Diamox is to help treat Glaucoma on a cellular level and to help treat this issue you must maintain the regulated amount of intake daily. Though dosage remains the dame for this issue of the body as well it is a more regulated format where you must take at least two sets of  acetazolamide 500 mg everyday preferably with one set in the morning and one set in the evening for the desired results or even acetazolamide 250 mg daily in two sets. it is seen that an increase in dosage has no elevated effects so it is always better to stick to the regulated and preferred amount that has the most application in your body. Dosage can be regulated if the results are not as preferable as wanted though and for this your physician must be kept in the loop at all times.


There are certain precautions that you always must take when suing drugs of any kind as at the end of the day using anything good excessively can be quite detrimental to your body therefore it is very necessary that you firstly keep your doctor in the loop at all times whether it is in regards to your altitude sickness that you might face when ascending to a higher location or if you are suffering from glaucoma or even if you are suffering from the side effects of altitude sickness it is always better to get all the information necessary to deal with any situation from your trusted doctor.

Secondly it is very necessary for you to maintain the amount you intake to the most preferable amount for the best results because firstly it is seen that taken more of the drug does not really do anything to provide elevated results when it comes to either glaucoma or altitude sickness and secondly if you take a lower amount you might not enjoy the preferred results and might still suffer with an issue that you would not want to deal with. When taking this drug orally never break or dice the drug because you may reduce the intensity of this drug. If you face any allergy after using this drug then get medical attention immediately as the allergy might be caused due to your body rejecting the drug in a certain way or if you are facing some interactions with other drugs that are directly effective with Diamox. Lastly never take this drug if you are pregnant as it might affect the growth and development of your baby in the long run.


If you have kept your doctor in the loop as to your medical history then you do not have to worry about using this drug and getting effected with interactions because your doctor will be able to guide you in the right direction but if you use this drug in an unregulated format you run the risk of facing side effects which can be quite detrimental to your body. When taking this drug it is very necessary for you to not take drugs such as cisapride and methenamine because by mixing the two you run the risk of facing issues that may prove to be quite detrimental to your body.

It is always better to stay away from either of the medications when taking the other to avoid any unwanted effects that may affect your body in the most unwanted manner possible. Before using this medication inform your doctor about all the drugs that you are using at the moment including anti-convulsants and allergy medication when wanting to take Diamox. Interactions do not occur if you take the precautions necessary before using this drug so stay safe and be healthy at all times when using Diamox.


Each drug has their number of  acetazolamide side effects side effects that may affect you at any time therefore it is very necessary to stay cautious and alert at all times when taking any drug that you require and take your doctor’s advice on the matter. Though at times even when taking all the precautions necessary there are few side effects of drugs that slip through the cracks per say and effect you when you do not realise it. There are a number of Diamox side effects as well which you must be well aware of when taking this drug as it might not affect you immediately but might affect you when you do not expect it.

  • Increased urination: one of the more common side effects that might occur with this drug is increased urination as is normally caused when you are allergic to the drug.
  • Loss of appetite: this drug may cause a loss of appetite as well at times and may occur when you are taking an overdosed amount so try and regulated the amount as per the preferred format.
  • Hearing loss: you might experience effects of hearing loss from time to time as well when taking this drug but this is a temporary situation that will subside over time but if the problem persists it is very necessary to take the advice of your doctor immediately.

Diamox is a medical application that has several implementations both in our daily lives and in necessary situations as well. It deals quite well with altitude sickness and all the side effects that are related to it and it deals with glaucoma as well on a heightened level at regulated amounts that are provided for intake.